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Casper & Wendy's Ghostly Adventures

Casper & Wendy's Ghostly Adventures

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Cartoons / Family (1951-1959) 78 minutes ~ Black & White and Color

Casper the friendly ghost to the rescue! The night is Halloween, the night when witches, goblins and ghosts howl, shriek and scare the life out of you! But unlike the other ghosts, there’s Casper. He doesn’t want to scare people, he just wants to be friends.

DVD Contents:

1.) To Boo Or Not To Boo, 2.) Boo Moon, 3.) Which is Witch, 4.) Boo Bop, 5.) The Deep Boo Sea, 6.) Spooking About Africa, 7.) Ghost Of The Town, 8.) Not Ghoulty, 9.) Frightday The 13th, 10.) Fright From Wrong, 11.) Hooky Spooky, 12.) Boo Ribbon Winner, 13.) Wendy's Wish, 14.) Hide And Shriek



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