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Carnal Utopia

Carnal Utopia

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Drama (2006) 93 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Sonhos e Desejos

When a professor quits the University and joins the fight against oppression, a young female student accompanies him, deeply in love with her mentor.

The young woman dreams of being part of great events in this revolution to build a new Brazil, but spends most of her time alone, confined in a hideout. The professor is rarely there, occupied with revolutionary uprisings.

One day, the professor brings a wounded militant to the hideout, whose face is covered in a hood to protect his identity. Slowly, the heated interaction between the young woman and the hooded man she is trapped with becomes intense and soon unbearable, much like the revolution itself.

Director: Marcelo Santiago

Writers: Álvaro Caldas (novel), Carolina Monteiro De Barros (screenplay), Flávia Orlando (screenplay) and Marcelo Santiago (screenplay)

Stars: Rômulo Braga, Felipe Camargo and Mel Lisboa