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Capone's Boys

Capone's Boys

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Drama (2002) 120 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Al's Lads

In the Roaring '20s Chicago, three young men newly arrived from Liverpool find themselves working for Al Capone. Capone's ruthless right-hand man Georgio exploits Jimmy's explosive right uppercut by scheduling him in a boxing match against the local champ. In preparation, Georgio has Jimmy train with the aging coach Boom Boom. Only later do they realize the fight is fixed and Jimmy is ordered to take a dive in the fifth round, something he's reluctant to consider. Jimmy makes things worse by having an affair with Georgio's girlfriend Edith, and hot-tempered Georgio is not happy. Meanwhile Jimmy's mates are implicated in the kidnapping of Capone's young son, an accusation they compound by robbing the mob safe. Can these adventures possibly have happy endings?

Director: Richard Standeven

Writer: Marc Gee

Stars: Marc Warren, Kirsty Mitchell, Al Sapienza