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Call Of The Yukon

Call Of The Yukon

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Action (1938) 70 minutes ~ Black & White

A brave female reporter who has a rapport with wild animals heads north to cover a story. Included in her animal entourage are a pair of bear cubs, a talking rook, and a homeless collie. After she gets lost, a handsome guide shows up to lead her out of the wilderness. It is an arduous journey fraught with many natural dangers, and the travelers nearly die from hunger until another man shows up to save them. When he begins pursuing the reporter, the guide gets jealous and a terrible fight erupts.

Directors: John T. Coyle, B. Reeves Eason

Writers: Gertrude Orr (screenplay), Bill Peet (screenplay) and James Oliver Curwood (novel)

Stars: Richard Arlen, Beverly Roberts, Lyle Talbot, Mala


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