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Calamity of Snakes

Calamity of Snakes

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Action / Drama (1983) 90 minutes ~ Color

One of the most insane films in the Nature Run Amuck sub-genre of horror. As in many of the Asian horror films the reptile action is out of control. Thousands of real snakes everywhere, slithering down hotel hallways and attacking women in wheelchairs! When a construction crew kills a large group of snakes wwhile building a hotel, an ancient snake curse is cast on the building and all hell breaks loose. Keep an eye out for the insane kung-fu snake battle! 1982, Directed by William Chang. English Language with Japanese Subtitles.

Director: Chi Chang

Writer: Chi Chang (screenplay), Kang Nien Li (screenplay) and Kuo Jung Tsai (screenplay)

Stars: Lei Chang, Chung-Lien Chou and Tung-min Huang


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