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Caesar The Conqueror

Caesar The Conqueror

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Action / Drama (1963) 104 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Giulio Cesare, il conquistatore delle Gallie

In 58 BC Caesar has conquered Gaul and set his sights on Britain. However after freeing a prisoner named Vercingetorix, Caesar accidentally provides the resistance with a natural leader. He brings together the various tribes and they fight repeatedly with the Romans inflicting many defeats. In Rome the senate dismisses his request for more troops, not wanting to expend soldiers on a campaign that they suspect is just Caesar seeking personal glory. Caesar is recalled to Rome to explain his actions but instead passes secretly through the mountains and returns to Gaul looking to lead the campaign against Vercingetorix.

Director: Tanio Boccia

Writers: Arpad DeRiso, George Higgins II (dialogue: English version), Gaio Giulio Cesare (novel) and Nino Scolaro

Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Rick Battaglia, Dominique Wilms, Ivica Pajer


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