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By The Sun's Rays

By The Sun's Rays

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Action / Drama / Short (1914) 11 minutes ~ Black & White <Actinic:Variable Name = 'Silent'/>

Bandits, assisted by clerk Lon Chaney (as Frank Lawler), are stealing gold from the "Deep River Mining Co." Mining superintendent Seymour Hastings (as John Davis) writes Chicago detective Murdock MacQuarrie (as John Murdock) for help; he arrives to capture the bandits, and hooks up with the superintendent's lovely daughter Agnes Vernon (as Dora Davis), who has also caught Mr. Chaney's eye… Unremarkable, except for being an early team-up of director Tod Browning and actor Lon Chaney; both went on to bigger and better things. Chaney is an effective villain.

Director: Charles Giblyn

Stars: Murdock MacQuarrie, Lon Chaney and Seymour Hastings


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