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Buster Keaton - Speak Easliy

Buster Keaton - Speak Easliy

Ref: 1674

Price: $4.98 / 3.59


Comedy (1932) 81 minutes ~ Black & White

Naive, bookish Professor Post (of Potts College) inherits a huge amount of money and decides that now he can afford to go out and enjoy life. He falls for a dancer in a bad stage show, and with his new money decides to buy the show and take it to Broadway. Will the Professor prove too nice to succeed in show business? Or will he triumph over bill-collectors, critics, and sexy vamp Eleanor Espere?

Director: Edward Sedgwick

Writers: Clarence Budington Kelland (from the story by), Ralph Spence (dialogue continuity) and Laurence E. Johnson (dialogue continuity)

Stars: Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante and Ruth Selwyn



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