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Buster Keaton - Cops, Hard Luck, My Wife's Relations, One Week

Buster Keaton - Cops, Hard Luck, My Wife's Relations, One Week

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Comedy 95 minutes ~ Black & White <Actinic:Variable Name = 'Silent'/>

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"Cops" (1922) 18 minutes

A series of mishaps manages to make a young man get chased by a big city's entire police force.

"Hard Luck" (1921) 22 minutes

Out of work, Buster tries various ways to commit suicide. At last he tries "poison" from a bottle containing booze. The president of a sporting club speaks of the need for a sportsman to promote the club and drunken Buster gets the job for which he must learn fishing, hunting and riding.

"My Wife's Relations" (1922) 30 minutes

A large woman brings Buster to court, wrongly accusing him of smashing a window. But the judge is an immigrant who only understands Polish. He mistakes Buster and the woman for another couple and marries them to one another. The large woman brings her new husband to her home, where Buster is confronted with her brutal brothers. The next morning one of them finds a letter, which has slipped out of Buster's clothes. The man doesn't see that the letter isn't addressed to Buster, who just got it by mistake. The letter says that the addressee has inherited §100.000. Believing that Buster has become rich his new brothers-in-law start to treat him kindly. They purchase a luxury house for him by installments. When they find out that the letter actually isn't addressed to Buster, their attitude changes once more. They now want to kill him. After a furious chase Buster slips into a train just leaving for Reno.

"One Week" (1920) 25 minutes

Buster and Sybil exit a chapel as newlyweds. Among the gifts is a portable house you easily put together in one week. It doesn't help that Buster's rival for Sybil switches the numbers on the crates containing the house parts.



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