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Bubba Sparxxx Tour

Bubba Sparxxx Tour

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Adult (2006) 81 minutes ~ Color

Meet Bubba Sparxxx. Hip Hop artist and Mega Star! Bubba's leading a charmed life after releasing his third smash album. Follow him onstage, backstage, and into the night, where you'll meet his crazed fans, huge concert crowds, and hot naked girls that just want to show some love! PLUS, in this unrated Bonus Edition, you'll see the wildest uncut footage we could never show you TV, with blazing hot solo and girl-girl action on the streets, in the cities, and behind closed doors! Follow Bubba as he goes on his "The Charm" road tour, from hip hangouts in Miami to photo shoots in Los Angeles and wild parties in Atlanta, and everywhere in between, as he dazzles crowds with hits from his new CD! Want to get a glimpse into the private life of one of today's fast-rising urban artists at the top of his game? With Girls Gone Wild and Bubba Sparxxx, there's no end to the excitement!