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Broken Glass

Broken Glass

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Drama (2007) 90 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Vidrio roto

Through seven bottles of cursed wine, we follow the journey of Valentina, a beautiful artist living in Berlin. With a sordid history of sexual and physical abuse, and having been caught in the arms of her female lover by her wealthy, overbearing mother, Val is forced to make a choice: to live a "normal" life, or be forever cut off - financially and emotionally. She concedes to her mother's ultimatum, and pursues a heterosexual relationship to appease her, only to catch her new boyfriend in bed with another man. Her inability to cope with her life triggers her repressed male alter-ego to emerge and take over. Spiraling out of control, her life is manipulated by seven bottles of wine made to celebrate her milestones. And in the magic of the seventh bottle, she finds redemption.

Director: Gustavo Camelot

Writer: Gustavo Camelot (screenwriter)

Stars: Gustavo Camelot, Danielle James and Mariela Santos


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