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Broadway Limited

Broadway Limited

Ref: 2148

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Comedy (1941) 75 minutes ~ Black & White

As a ploy to gain publicity, a motion picture director wants his star actress to take a baby with her on a train trip. The director's secretary asks the train's engineer, an old boyfriend, for help. As the engineer ponders what to do, a stranger in the train station tells him that he has a baby that could be used. On board the train, the actress meets a young doctor whom she knew in school, and whom she is still in love with. The presence of the baby causes a series of misunderstandings between them, but the real problems begin when the engineer begins to suspect that the baby may have been kidnapped.

Director: Gordon Douglas

Writer: Rian James (original screenplay and story)

Stars: Victor McLaglen, Marjorie Woodworth and Dennis O'Keefe


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