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Breathing Fire

Breathing Fire

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Martial Arts / Action (1991) 74 minutes ~ Color

After Annie’s parents are murdered, for her father’s involvement in a bank heist, she flees to the protection of her father’s old friend, David. Little does she know, David’s brother, Michael, was the ringleader of the bank robbery, and the murderer, Annie is running from! With the murderer, his target, and her protector under one roof, the situation could explode at any moment. Filled with action-packed fight sequences, and featuring Jonathan Ke Quan (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Goonies), this is one thrill ride you don’t want to miss!

Directors: Lou Kennedy and Brandon Pender

Writers: Raymond Mahoney, Tao-liang Tan (original story) and Wayne Yee (written by)

Stars: Jonathan Ke Quan, Eddie Saavedra, Ed Neil, Jerry Trimble, Bolo Yeung



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