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Boy!  What A Girl!

Boy! What A Girl!

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Musical (1947) 70 minutes ~ Black & White

Two small-time, smooth-talking producers are trying to raise money for their musical review. They line up a potential backer who will put up half the cash if they can find someone else to co-finance the production. The duo enlist the services of a cigar-smoking cross-dresser named "Bumpsie" (Tim Moore), who poses as the wealthy "Madame Deborah" to fool the backer. Their scheme goes smoothly - until the real Madame shows up! Madness and mayhem mix with jam sessions at a Harlem roof party where legendary drummer Gene Krupa performs a surprise drum solo.

Director: Arthur H. Leonard

Writer: Vincent Valentini

Stars: Tim Moore, Elwood Smith, Sheila Guyse


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