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Body Melt

Body Melt

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Horror / Comedy / Sci-Fi (1993) 81 minutes ~ Color

Stage 1: Hallucinations Stage 2: Organ Failure Stage 3: Body Melt

It's a sunny day in suburbia. Suddenly a hideously deformed dying man disrupts the peace, crashing his car in the Pebbles Court neighborhood, the better part of Homes ville. He's the victim of the experimental drug Vaudeville, marketed as a ?dietary supplement? which has apparently malfunctioned. He has arrived too late to warn the population of Homes ville not to try the pill that was dropped in their mailbox by a respectable pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately the folks of Homes ville are suckers for freebies and they too start deforming, mutating, exploding and otherwise experiencing sudden death syndrome. A local health spa becomes the nerve center for the horrific outbreak as the fate of the people of Homes ville spirals down a catastrophic path of no return. Full of shocking surprises, imaginative photography and layered with gore, this movie is sure to give you thrills and chills!

Director: Philip Brophy

Writers: Rod Bishop and Philip Brophy

Stars: Gerard Kennedy, Andrew Daddo and Ian Smith


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