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Drama (2005) 97 minutes ~ Color

A desperate mother and a bitter counselor each find new hope in the courage and conviction of the other in an inspirational drama from director Julio D. De Los Santos. Letty (Jessi Perez) is a young Latina mother who has been suffering in an abusive relationship for far too long. Now, as a result of her dire situation, child protective services have stepped in to take custody of Letty's children. Upon learning that her only chance to regain custody is to see a court-appointed counselor, Letty agrees to attend sessions with disparate Jewish counselor Dr. Sharon Greene (Mara Monserrat). A highly educated professional who remains unable to bear children despite years of infertility treatment, Dr. Greene has grown into a bitter and resentful woman despite the constant support of her loving husband and her concerned mother Ruthie (Greta DeBofsky). As a young girl Ruthie narrowly escaped a grim fate at the hands of the Nazis, but these days she is afflicted with an illness that is likely to catch up with her sooner rather than later. In the darkest moments of her life Dr. Greene manages to see a beacon of hope in the bravery and wisdom of her ailing mother, a beacon that shines so brightly that it may even reach Letty as well.

Director: Julio D. De Los Santos

Writer: Rosie Vargas

Stars: Jillian Abia, Marj Abrams, David Abundis