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Blind Fist Of Bruce Lee

Blind Fist Of Bruce Lee

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Martial Arts / Action / Drama (1979) 92 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Mang quan gui shou

The story follows a young man whose hobby is kung fu. His teachers, however, are con artists rather than martial artists and in fact pay others to lose to Bruce's character (just like PRODIGAL SON). He finds the truth out the hard way as he gets beat up by a new thug in town who doesn't want to play by the rules. The two teachers ditch Bruce after this deciding it would be more to their advantage to kiss up to the thug whose bent on taking over the town. Bruce discovers that a blind old street musician (Simon Yuen, made famous by DRUNKEN MASTER) in town is really a kung fu expert and he pleads with the old master to teach him. The old man questions Bruce's motives at first refuses and refuses, but upon seeing Bruce's sincerity and determination to learn he changes his mind. A newly trained Bruce sets out for revenge and to rescue the town, but little does he know that the thug has a very powerful martial artist friend who in fact is the man responsible for his newfound teacher's loss of sight. Has Bruce's training prepared him for such a match?

Director: Kam Bo

Stars: Bruce Li, Siu Tien Yuen, Tiger Yueng and Lau Chan


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