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Black Americana 2

Black Americana 2

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Musical (1944 - 1947) 34 minutes - Black & White

The DVD, assembled by 'Sepia Productions', sought in part to present images of African Americans not seen in white-produced movies. This DVD contains two short films: "Mr. Adams' Bomb" and "Bubbling Over". It concludes with a short musical/comedy show.

"Open the Door, Richard"

Comedy / Short (1945) 10 minutes

A musically themed film cutting back and forth between Stepin Fetchit at home in bed and a jazz band providing the film's swing music.

Director: William Forest Crouch

Writer: Claude Demetri

Stars: Dusty Fletcher, Stepin Fetchit

"Murder in Swingtime"

Musical / Short (1937) 19 minutes

The real thrill of the music-short Murder in Swingtime (1937) is not the reasonably good orchestra, but their spectacular large-sized singer June Richmond who belts out the number "What's Music Got?". As a comedy short it's getting to be about time for something funny. Tapdancers in white tuxes add some flash & individuals in the Les Hite Band begin to catch our attention, as something's going on. After June's number, there's a Les Hite arrangement of "Dinah," during which one of the band members, Piccolo Pete, gets bonked on the head. He passes out into a dream of a jury trial, in which he's accused of having murdered Dinah. One by one his bandmates take the stand & give musical evidence against him. The judge raps in rhyme between licks. Piccolo Pete is found guilty & told his punishment is to swing. Instead of swinging from the gallows, however, he goes front center of the band to swing his solo. An amusing wee film overall.

Director: Arthur Dreifuss

Writer: Eda Edson (Story Dialogue)

Stars: June Richmond

"Boogie Woogie Dream"

Musical / Short (1944) 12 minutes

After hours at a nightclub, the hired help have a jam session, which proves to be just what a couple of belated customers wanted to hear.

Director: Hans Burger

Writer: Karl Fargas

Stars: Lena Horne, Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson



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