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Black Americana 1

Black Americana 1

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Musical (1934 - 1949) 51 minutes ~ Black & White

The DVD, assembled by 'Sepia Productions', sought in part to present images of African Americans not seen in white-produced movies. This DVD contains two short films: "Mr. Adams' Bomb" and "Bubbling Over". It concludes with a short musical/comedy show.

"Mr. Adam’s Bomb"

Short (1949) 20 minutes

The upstairs border, Adam Jones, has been seen sneaking in the house late at night with round packages, which starts the rumor that he's building an atom bomb in his room. There's going to be a party at the house that night & Johnson makes sure his police detective friend is invited, so he can have a chance to investigate the possibility of there being a bomb in the house.

Director: Eddie Green

Stars: Gene Ware, Jessie Grayson, Mildred Boyd

"Bubbling Over"

Short / Comedy (1934) 20 minutes

In a Harlem flat, Ethel (Ethel Waters) works night & day feeding & cleaning up after her loafter of a husband & his exceedingly numerous useless relatives who've taken over the place without ever helping, treating her as their personal maid.

Director: Leigh Jason

Writers: Burnet Hershey

Stars: Ethel Waters, Southernaires Quartet, Hamtree Harrington, Frank L. Wilson



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