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Biwi No.1

Biwi No.1

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Comedy / Drama (1999) 159 minutes ~ Color

Rupali is a tall, leggy model who is intent on her career. When a photographer, Deepak, proposes to marry her, she turns him down, for she would like to marry a multi-millionaire - and nothing short of that. She meets her dream man in Prem Mehra - and both are instantly attracted to each other. Prem even hires Rupali in his advertising firm, and both decide to travel to Switzerland for a photo shoot. When they return, it is then Rupali finds out that Prem is not a bachelor as he is claims to be - but is a married man, his wife's name is Pooja, and he also has two children. But Rupali decides that these minor obstacles can be overcome by a simple divorce, and makes her intentions clear to Prem and Pooja. What will the hapless Prem do - caught between a beautiful wife, two lovely children one one hand, and an aspiring gorgeous model on the other?

Director: David Dhawan

Writer: Kamal Hassan (story)

Stars: Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor