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Bike Week eXposed

Bike Week eXposed

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Documentary (2003) 85 minutes ~ Color

Hold on tight as Gen Genitorturer and Wacky Jacky give you a fully eXposed look at Daytona Bike Week 2003.

'Bike Week' Daytona Beach is a wild, 62-year tradition of Harley Davidson's, biker babes, concerts and partying. Bike Week Daytona Beach is the world's largest motorcycle event. 'Bike Week eXposed' covers all the wild and weird events from within the crowds to behind the scenes with the stars of the show. Roaming through the crowded streets, concerts, bars and contests is no other than Gen from the 'World Sexiest Rock Band',

Director: Daniel Springen

Stars: Gen Genitorturer, Wacky Jacky


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