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Bigfoot And Other Adventures

Bigfoot And Other Adventures

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Drama (2012) 114 minutes ~ Color

An anthology of nine short films, filled with adventure, mystery, and intrigue. BIGFOOT'S SPRING BREAK. Four college students encounter someone who they never expected to meet. SKINNER'S CABIN. When Skinner sees something he likes, he tracks it down, he catches it, he skins it, and he eats it... sometimes he hunts animals too! BURIAL ISLAND. In the everglades, treasure hunters accidentally dig up the grave of an Indian medicine man, unleashing angry spirits. JUNGLE CURSE. Bounty hunters encounter voodoo and zombies in the Panamanian jungle. VOICE FROM THE GRAVE. Benny talks to his grandma, but there's one little problem...she's dead. WE BOUGHT A GHOST. John and Kathy buy the house of their dreams, but soon discover that they're not alone. PRESUMED DEAD. The boss is dead, and his business partners want their share of his estate. DAY OF TERROR. All electricity east of the Mississippi river is suddenly cut off, pitting neighbor against neighbor for survival. THE 1964 DREAM. A dream about dank, dark places, and death.

Director: Ray Etheridge

Writer: Ray Etheridge

Stars: Daniel Baldock, Gloria Barto, Henrique Bersani