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Big Bust Casting Call

Big Bust Casting Call

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Adult (1993) 60 minutes ~ Color

Ever wonder what goes on at a Hollywood casting session, when the producer and director are looking for a beautiful actress...and the part they are casting for requires nudity! Well wonder no longer...Big Bust Casting Call takes you on the inside to be part of actual screen test of gorgeous actresses and models who are willing to show it all to get the part. In these screen tests, from the private film vaults of Hollywood's top producers and directors, you'll view the actual screen tests when the part required a large breasted woman to expose herself. You won't believe it as these incredible woman willing bare it all in the hopes of landing a role in a Hollywood Film. So, get ready to have a front row seat on one of Hollywood's hottest casting couches. Full Nudity.

Stars: Nikki Dial, Chona Jason, Keisha