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Big Bry's Western Style BBQ

Big Bry's Western Style BBQ

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Instructional (2005) 60 minutes ~ Color

With Big Bry's BBQ, you will learn everything you need to know about western style barbecue. Big Bry is a true cowboy: an ex-professional bull rider, hunter, and all American guy. He's kind, informative and even a little silly at times. Titles and recipes accompany his guidance, so anyone can follow along. Big Bry's Western Style BBQ teaches the average person professional Santa Maria barbecuing techniques that can be applied in their own back yard. The seasoning and preparation is affordable, and easy to learn, yet done with a gourmet touch. With Big Bry's Western Style BBQ, you not only learn how to cook beef, chicken, and ribs, but wild game as well. Learn how to prepare Big Bry's Wild Game Tamer's, such as marinades, injection sauces, and meat stuffing's. Everything used to flavor the meats, can be found in the average person's kitchen. The beauty of Big Bry's Western Style BBQ is it's easy, cheap and fun to learn. Whether you're a hunter or just someone who loves a good and original BBQ, this is a quick and easy guide, on how to impress your Family and friends, for years to come.

Director: Casey Davis

Writer: Casey Rodgers

Stars: Bryon Davis


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