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Beyond Baklava

Beyond Baklava

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Comedy / Drama / Documentary (2007) 96 minutes ~ Color

Wendy, a young woman living with her Greek Family, dreams of becoming a singer. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get a single note right. Her grandmother, Sylvia, is a wonderful cook, known far and wide for her Baklava; a concoction so delectable people have become dangerously addicted to it. In the pursuit of making fast money, Wendy is lured into the Baklava trade, quickly forgetting her dream of becoming a singer. Until one day, something happens, and she realizes she’s on the wrong track, completely. Through a series of events, Wendy discovers that the secret to singing is the same as that of World Peace. It’s quite simple really, as is the secret to Sylvia’s Baklava.

Director: Silvana Vienne

Writer: Silvana Vienne

Stars: Sylvia Rousso, Patricia Neal, Mort Viner, Silvana Vienne


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