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Between 2 Worlds: The Alignment Within

Between 2 Worlds: The Alignment Within

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Documentary (2011) 59 minutes ~ Color

This film invites you to think if you are in touch with the universal alignments that are happening now at the completion of the great Mayan cycle. In today's world more and more people are using the Mayan calendar in their daily life. They all conclude that there is no better system in the world to align their consciousness with the universe, but also to ultimately achieve an alignment within. The directors of this film present to the world that the Mayan calendar literally give us a practical and specific process that provides the right spiritual guidance. Throughout the film experts explain how to follow the energies within this calendar system, that would help humans to sync their life's with the cosmic flow.

Directors: Jose Alcala, Jose Jaramillo

Writer: Jose Alcala, Jose Jaramillo

Stars: Kalongi T. Olusegun (Narrator)


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