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Best Of Blondes

Best Of Blondes

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Adult (2006) 58 minutes ~ Color

Girls Gone Wild's Best of Blondes, brings you non-stop action and excitement, with this country's most valuable asset... blue-eyed, blonde-haired beauties anxious to bare their breasts! America's hottest girl-next-door blondes from Ft. Lauderdale, South Padre, Cancun and Miami bare it all as they dance, make out, and shake their T&A in the hottest clubs around! These cuties do it everywhere... whether it's flashing boobs in back alleyways, dancing topless on the dance floor, or rubbing each other in the shower...Girls Gone Wild takes YOU to the action! You'll see hot blondes shed their clothes, and inhibitions, as they passionately kiss in hotels, dance naked in the hallways, make out in groups, smack each other's butts and touch themselves to get heavenly satisfactions! And if you want sizzling girl-on-girl fun, look no further! You'll meet horny Erin and Kimberly, see them make out, finger and eat each other! Plus, don't miss young sweet things Chelsee and Becky as they make out, lick and finger-bang each other ...and can't seem to get enough! This is the wildest, craziest assortment of hot naked blonde girls you'll ever find, all real and uncensored, only from Girls Gone Wild!