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Best Of Blondes 2

Best Of Blondes 2

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Adult (2007) 56 minutes ~ Color

Redheads are sassy Brunettes are sexy but everyone knows that BLONDES are the most fun! We found Blondes on beds chairs couches and even flying out of windows. Hot Blondes everywhere we went looking great and doing the craziest things! Just when we think weve seen it all; leave it to a cute blonde to surprise us! Theyre in the clubs and at the beach and when were having a really good day theyre getting naughty with other blondes in the back of our bus. Theyre wild. Theyre hot. And they dont seem to mind losing their clothes in the name of fun! This new show is no blonde joke. Its all real raw and completely uncensored. Its Girls Gone Wild : Best of Blondes Volume 2!