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Ben Cropp's Wild Australia: World's Deadliest Creature

Ben Cropp's Wild Australia: World's Deadliest Creature

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Documentary (2009) 52 minutes ~ Color

Join Adventurer Ben Cropp as he investigates the marine stingers that inhabit the oceans off northern Australia.

The deadly Box Jellyfish inflicts agonising pain and has killed as many as eighty people. During the hot months of Australia' s summer the oceans along the northern coastline look inviting but swimmers take a huge risk by entering the waves. Many beaches have specially netted enclosures to keep swimmers safe from the Box Jelly Fish but the nets are not fine enough to keep out the tiny Irukandji Jellyfish which is as small as a thumb nail but has been to known to cause death.

Research continues into the venom of these deadly creatures but people entering the water without a full-length lycra swimsuit are taking a very big risk.

Stars: Ben Cropp


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