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Ben Cropp - Timeless Hunters

Ben Cropp - Timeless Hunters

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Documentary 52 minutes ~ Color

For tens of thousands of years, the Aborigines of Australia and their island neighbours to the north have led a subsistence lifestyle by hunting for their food.

Surrounded with long coastlines, their harvesting of food mainly came from the sea.

Traditions and lore often governed the hunt.

The coming of the white man suppressed many of these traditions and made the natives vassals of the white man's administration.

The drift of the young generation away from their island villages to the provincial towns has been cause for concern by the elders. Their customs are slowly dying.

Today we see an enthusiastic revival of their customs and traditional ways of hunting - the old teaching the young - in a desperate bid to preserve their dying culture.

These are the 'Timeless Hunters'- using their skills to hunt Dugong, Turtles, Sharks and other fish by traditional methods.

It's an action packed documentary of rarely filmed hunting skills.

Stars: Ben Cropp


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