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Ben Cropp - The Vanishing Grey Nurse Shark

Ben Cropp - The Vanishing Grey Nurse Shark

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Documentary 52 minutes ~ Color

Australia's grey nurse shark population is on a decline, to the brink of extinction. It began in the early 60's, fed by the false belief that this shark was a man-eater, and, its own physical makeup - a nasty - looking set of ragged teeth.

In the 60's shark-meshing programs began that snared hundreds of local grey nurse. At the same time the new sport of shark hunting targeted these slow moving sharks that schooled in `shark gutters' off the NSW coast.

Ben Cropp hosts this documentary special, there is no better choice, for Ben was the most famous of the 60's shark hunters, who then swapped his killer spear for an underwater camera, and began capturing the grey nurse on film instead of a dead trophy.

Stars: Ben Cropp


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