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Ben Cropp - The Coral Reefs Are Dying

Ben Cropp - The Coral Reefs Are Dying

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Documentary (2008) 56 minutes ~ Color

Coral reefs throughout the world are dying. Join world famous diver Ben Cropp as he visits many of the world’ s coral reefs documenting the deterioration of the coral. Causes of this sad situation are many, pollution, commercial fishing, coastal development and tourism. In some parts of the world it’ s too late to save the coral reefs but if the remaining reefs are to survive careful management is needed. In small Pacific islands, where there is little or no tourism and the population continue to live in a traditional way, the coral reefs remain pristine. Australia’ s Great Barrier Reef is a great natural wonder that needs to be protected for future generations. The delicate eco-system is as vulnerable as any other coral reef and needs careful management to ensure its survival.

Stars: Ben Cropp


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