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Ben Cropp - Search for Sunken Treasures

Ben Cropp - Search for Sunken Treasures

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Documentary 51 minutes ~ Color

Much of the west coast of Australia was discovered by accident, when Dutch treasure galleons ploughed into its fringing coral reefs and left chests of gold and silver on the coral floor.

Ben dives on two of these treasure ships, silver guilders can still be recovered from under the sand. Two Dutch treasure ships are yet to be found. Their wealth is enormous. Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver coins in a dozen chests lie somewhere along the West Australian Coast. A lucky diver will one day stumble upon these riches.

Australia's first shipwreck was English, the Tryal, lost in 1622 long before Cook sailed our shores. She carried 500 golden royals and gold spangles as a gift for the King of Siam. Ben dives this ancient wreck but the treasuries not yet found.

Ben discovered hundreds of shipwrecks, including the famous Pandora of Bounty fame, but there are thousands more still hidden in a watery grave. There are legends of Spanish galleons, invariably not true, but some of these lost ships are known treasure ships and Ben searches for them.

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