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Below The Deadline

Below The Deadline

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Molly Fitzgerald, who works for Abrams and Co. Jewelers, is accosted on the street by a stranger who asks her for a date, but her fiancé, police officer Terry Mulvaney chases him away. Spike, the stranger, is interested in Molly other than for her pretty face; he is a member of a gang of jewel thieves who are planning to rob Abrams, and want to use her to obtain information regarding the merchant's shipments of jewels. Through another ruse, gang member Flash Ackroyd, gets the information, and through careful planning, frames Terry for the robbery. One of Abrams' assistants is killed, and Terry is charged with robbery and murder. Terry escapes but Molly is fired, as Abrams thinks she was in on the robbery. Molly gets a job in a nightclub run by the gangsters. The train on which Terry is escaping is wrecked and he is transported to a hospital more dead than alive.

Director: Charles Lamont

Writer: Ewart Adamson (story)

Stars: Cecilia Parker, Russell Hopton, Theodore von Eltz, Thomas E. Jackson