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Behind The Nine

Behind The Nine

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Drama (2003) 78 minutes ~ Color

It's the final weekend of an underground nine-ball tournament, with the winner taking home $500,000 cash. The losers take home nothing, but a handshake and a pat on the back. Eight players remain, and these players and their hangers-on, meet at the proprietor's house to play out the remainder of the tournament.

The pot has never been this big, and Alex the proprietor, is understandably wary considering the types of characters attracted by such big money, including a washed-up minor leaguer, a Sun-Tzu quoting mystery man, and a riot-girl, alcoholic single mom. Alex isn't alone, however, as he has Mouse, a former heavyweight boxer, his whip-smart fiancee Beth, and Wendy, the oversexed daughter of the local sheriff, to rely on. This is good, because with such high stakes, organized crime has taken notice, and sent a representative to check out the Action, and maybe take over.

As the night wears on, and desperate players start losing, Alex's fears become reality. Like the table on which the tournament is played, within the confines of the house, the eight players collide with each other, and Alex, in one final play for the cash.

Director: Martin L. Kelley

Writers: Jamie Wingler, Robert J. Lee and Martin L. Kelley

Stars: Derek Seiling, Muretta Moss, Alex Collins


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