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Beer Drinkers in Space

Beer Drinkers in Space

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Documentary (2006) 118 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Keep Drinking, Men! The Story of Beer Drinkers in Space

In 1983, a group of friends who worked at Disney made a movie. It took nine long months to complete and consumed their lives as they constructed spaceship sets in their homes and garages. Elaborate models and pyrotechnics were shot. The intrepid moviemakers popped open a few beers and got in front of the camera to shoot this camp comedy feature about Captain Slosh and his bumbling crew of beer space! Now, more than two decades later, writer/director Frank Delle has unearthed this lost cult classic and paired it together with a delightful, insightful documentary which reunites the cast and crew of this sci-fi/comedy epic. Crack open some brews, sit back and enjoy the complete saga of BEER DRINKERS IN SPACE!

Director: Frank Delle

Stars: Ron Cookson, Frank Delle and Marc Delle


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