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Beach Babes 3

Beach Babes 3

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Adult (2005) 55 minutes ~ Color

What happens when thousands of young, sexy college girls head to the beach for Spring Break and let go of all their inhibitions? Find out on the all new, completely uncensored Girls Gone Wild Beach Babes 3! These are the sexiest, young women you'll find in the world getting wet and wild on and off the beach. You'll meet Stephanie, a 19-year-old stunning brunette, who takes us from the beach back to her bedroom where she puts on one hell of a show. Check out Chelsea and Tessa, two good friends who strip down and make out for the very first time. And don't miss Ashley and Margaret, two Texas girls who are so hot and that ice they rub on each other lets away in a matter of moments. The all new Girls Gone Wild Beach Babes 3 - It's real, raw and uncensored!