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Bastard Kung Fu Master

Bastard Kung Fu Master

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Action (1980) 92 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Lung ying moh kiu

Alternate Title: Jung-ri's School of Yong-hyung-ma

Bastard Kung Fu Master is an above-average kung fu film starring Cliff Lok (Kung Fu Genius) and Hwang Jang Lee (Dragon's Claws) and directed by Ng See Yuen (Secret Rivals, Invincible Armor). It tells a familiar story--in a classic three-part structure--of an underdog mistreated by his family, given kung fu instruction from an unlikely source, and redeemed when he comes back to take on foreign champions in a tournament staged before an imperial audience.

Directors: See-Yuen Ng, Sa-won Oh, Wun-kyo Park

Writer: Mun-woong Lee

Stars: Cliff Lok, Jang Lee Hwang, Kien Shih, Yeong-mun Kwon


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