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Basic How-To Halloween Makeups

Basic How-To Halloween Makeups

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Instructional (2007) 56 minutes ~ Color

Tempe DVD presents 20 unique, easy-to-apply makeups, all created from materials found around the home and in local costume shops. Professional Hollywood makeup artists introduce you to some of their secrets, explained in easy to understand, step-by-step detail! Don't settle for the same old boring Halloween masks -- impress your friends and be the life of any costume party! Makeups include: Zombie, Pumpkin-Head, Lizard, Witch, Cat, Exorcism Victim, Vampire, Alien, Burn Victim, Frankenstein s Monster, Mummy, Creature, Old Man, Phantom, Gargoyle, Robot, Swamp Creature, Evil Clown, Dracula and Ghastly Ghoul.

Director: Lance Randas

Stars: Bogdan Pecic, Bill Morrison, David Lange



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