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Bad Girls 2

Bad Girls 2

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Adult (2008) 55 minutes ~ Color

Good Girls go to heaven, but bad girls go...everywhere! Catch the incredible no hold barred action, when these "Bad" girls go crazy every time in front of our cameras. These girls are bad...really bad! It's Girls Gone Wild: Bad Girls 2!

These "Bad" girls are really really good and will surely get you hot! Our first find is a sexy dirty blonde, ready to put her trademark all over the city! Watch her shower inside a water fountain in the middle of the night and flash a couple of horny EMTs for good measure. How about a petite brunette, with matching tiny black underwear? See how quickly she gets out of them and how playful she gets afterwards. And our last girl is probably the baddest of them all! Her glasses may say she's innocent, but once you see her naked, that changes all! The multiple piercings and tattoos on her body are impressive, but not as impressive as the way she contorts her sexy body. Girls Gone Wild: Bad Girls 2! It's all real, raw, and totally uncensored!