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Bad Friend Issue 1

Bad Friend Issue 1

Ref: 6984

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Comedy / Horror (2004) 92 minutes ~ Color

In 2004, business mogul Rex Jones began the importation of zombies from Zimbabwe. Now over 1,000 zombies are sold a month. They live in our homes... and sometimes sleep in our beds.

When a lonely young man named Jack buys a zombie off of a shady home shopping network, he thinks he`s found the perfect friend in Zach, who despite being quite dead, is the perfect pal. Unfortunately for Jack, Zach becomes increasingly hungry, and it becomes horrifyingly obvious that steak is not on the menu. Jack begins to feed his enemies ghoulishly, one by one, to his hungry zombie, as George, his only other friend, begins to carry out a mission to exterminate Zach once and for all. Gallons of blood begin to flow as Jack`s enemies rise from their shallow graves to take a ghastly revenge on their killer. As everyone closes in Jack must make a choice between the living and the dead, and decide where his friendship lies, while fighting for his life every gore soaked step of the way.

Directors: Dustin Austen and Marc Tresenrider

Writers: Dustin Austen and Marc Tresenrider

Stars: Derick Leach, Casey McGrady and Christy Mckenzie



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