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Drama (1968) ~ Black & White

A shameless woman seeks to build a career around her boundless sensual appetites in this vintage sexploitation feature. Babette (Linda Boyce) comes to the big city and answers a newspaper ad placed by Ramon, a photographer who specializes in "unusual and bizarre entertainments for select clients." Babette becomes a model for Ramon, and her work soon advances from simple pin-up work to starring in Sapphic stag movies with a undocumented alien named Carla. Through Ramon's contacts, Babette is hired by Phyllis and Max, a swinging couple looking to add another woman to their romantic mix. Babette's evening with the couple goes so well that she's invited by Phyllis to attend an uninhibited party being thrown by her friends in the Daughters of Lesbos Society. Shot silent with husky female narration explaining the action, Babette (aka Babette in Return of the Secret Society) was directed by Peter Woodcock, who is believed to be a pseudonym for noted adult filmmaker Roberta Findlay.

Director: Peter Woodcock

Actors: Sue Akers, Linda Boyce and Linda Burns


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