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BMX Street - World Extreme Games

BMX Street - World Extreme Games

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Sports (2000) 79 minutes ~ Color

The World Extreme Games are the alternative Olympics for Extreme Sports participants around the globe. The Extreme Sports Channel is proud to bring you all the incredible footage from this extraordinary event on an exclusive range of DVDs. Check out all the action from Wakeboard Big Air BMX Street and Dual Luge plus sky Surfing Mountain Boards and MotoX and much more focusing on the Wakeboard Big Air finals we follow Vert expert Sergi Ventura surf the wind at 300 kilometers an hour and go to a party with the MotoX masters. Be there with us as we check out a world first for Inline skaters too! Next we focus on the BMX street finals follow Inline Street gold medallist Sven Beokhorst and get upside down and dirty on some Mountain Boards. Check out the latest in BMX design and come with us as motor cross freak 'Mad" Mike Jones toys with Superman. In Part 3 our main feature is the Dual Street Luge Finals held on the southern Melbourne coastline at Arthur's Seat. Additionally in this show we follow MotoX freak Luke Urek and get in line with the Max Team. We also get out there and find out what the crowd came to see at WEG 2000! If you re into extreme sports you can t miss this EXTREME DVD!

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