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Axl Rose - The Prettiest Star

Axl Rose - The Prettiest Star

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Documentary/Music (2005) 60 minutes ~ Color

As frontman with one of the most important Rock bands of the past 20 years Axl Rose was worshipped by millions as a near Christ-like figure and many still regard him as one of the most important Rock music icons of the 20th Century. Since the demise of the original Guns N' Roses line up rumours and speculation of a triumphant return have dominated the music press. But with recent live dates being met with critical acclaim and positive reviews and new material now being introduced into the band's set, the extraordinary legacy of Axl Rose is ripe for re-appraisal. Axl Rose -- The Prettiest Star is the first ever documentary to reveal the true story of Axl's life and career, from his earliest days growing up in Lafayette, Indiana, through his escape from abuse and neglect via music and onto his incredible success with Guns N' Roses.

Director: Angela Turner

Writer: Angela Turner (researcher)

Stars: Steven Adler, Bernard Bauer, Barbara Church



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