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Attack Of The Venoms

Attack Of The Venoms

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Drama (1983) 92 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Xi shen bao chou

Alternate Title: Attack of the Joyful Goddess

Nothing joyful about this one ! A travelling Chinese Opera troupe is struggling to make a living under occupation forces. The local military commander wants the troupe's lead actress as his latest concubine. She's unwilling, and is devoted to her childhood sweetheart, also a troupe member. Considering their situation serious, the troupe leader hatches a plot - kill the sweetheart in order to break down the girl's resistance, and therefore save the welfare of the surviving troupe members. Everyone agrees, though two members do so reluctantly. But the murdered man's ghost allies himself with the Joyful Goddess, and mischievously arranges for the guilty to be killed off, one by one. A dark tale, with parallels to Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians".

Director: Cheh Chang

Stars: Bi-fung Chen, Tien-chi Cheng, Sheng Chiang, Lung Chin


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