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Attack Force NAM

Attack Force NAM

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Action / Drama (1986) 90 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Behind Enemy Lines

Alternate Title: P.O.W. The Escape

David Carradine stars in this Vietnam war drama as Colonel Cooper, a man forced to make a questionable deal with the opposition in order to save his own life and that of his men. When Cooper gets captured by North Vietnamese forces, he maneuvers his way out of the situation the only way he knows how: by getting on immoral Vietnamese Captain Vinh's good side. Against his better judgement, Cooper agrees to bring Vinh into America if he'll let him and his men loose. But even after the deal is done, escaping the deadly jungle proves to be a challenge, with uncooperative soldiers and nature working against their fight for survival.

Director: Gideon Amir

Writers: Malcolm Barbour, James Bruner, Avi Kleinberger, John Langley and Jeremy Lipp

Stars: David Carradine, Mako, Makoto Iwamatsu, Kieu Chinh Mako, Charles R. Floyd



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