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Atlas In The Land Of The Cyclops

Atlas In The Land Of The Cyclops

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Action (1961) 100 Minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Maciste nella terra dei ciclopi

The monstrous flesh-eating Cyclops, dwells in the dark dungeons beneath the castle of evil Queen Capys. The Queen wages war on a rival city, to collect human sacrifices. Her army kills the city’s king, taking women, children, and the dead monarch’s wife as prisoners’. Capys’ ultimate quarry, the royal couples’ only surviving son and heir, is rescued by the powerful warrior, Maciste (aka Atlas). As the enraged Queen’s soldiers search for the child, Maciste braves the blood soaked dungeons, to save the terrified captives from the grisly death, at the hands of the giant Cyclops.

Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops, was a career breakthrough for bodybuilder, Gordon Mitchell. The muscleman had toured with Mae West (along with fellow bodybuilder turned actor, Mickey Hargitay), and landed big parts in American movies like, the Ten Commandments and Spartacus. When the “sword and sandal” craze ignited in the early sixties, Mitchell exploded on the Italian muscle movie scene, and made many films in the genre. Mitchell was able to extend his career over the next four decades, by appearing in spaghetti westerns as well as such legitimate films as, Fellini’s Satyricon.

Director: Antonio Leonviola

Writers: Oreste Biancoli (screenplay and story) and Gino Mangini

Stars: Gordon Mitchell (as Mitchell Gordon), Chelo Alonso and Vira Silenti


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