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Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 41

Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 41

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Documentary 25 minutes ~ Color

Mike and Mal Leyland, also known as The Leyland Brothers, were Australian explorers and documentary film-makers, best known for their popular television show, Ask the Leyland Brothers. The show ran on Australian television from 1976 until 1984.


Kangaroo Island just off South Australia’s coast provides the Leylands with a fascinating subject which answers some hundred letters which they have received asking to see the Island. The almost tame and fascinating Sea Lions provide one of the most amazing encounters with wildlife to be encountered anywhere. Tumut in NSW, is the location of a fascinating syory which follows the breeding of Rainbow Trout from the egg to the mature fish including sequences which will interest the fishermen. In Western Australia, at Gosnells, the Leylands show the work of famous artist Nardino who has devoted his earnings for his best selling art to establish a sanctuary for Western Australian wildlife.

Stars: Mike Leyland, Mal Leyland


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