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Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 4

Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 4

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Documentary 25 minutes ~ Color

Mike and Mal Leyland, also known as The Leyland Brothers, were Australian explorers and documentary film-makers, best known for their popular television show, Ask the Leyland Brothers. The show ran on Australian television from 1976 until 1984.


The Leylands travel to the North Island of New Zealand to film how the Maori’s fashion works of art from blocks of wood simply by carving. Tasmania once more provides the Leylands cameras with some spectacular mountain scenery in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park as Mike Leyland humps his sound camera equipment to the heights of the Cradle Mountain scenic bushwalking trails. Finally a revealing look at a full sized medieval castle at Ballarat in Victoria where we are witness to fast moving action with sword fighting, public whippings and stretching on the torture racks, as well as a fascinating study of a talented father and son team of glass blowers fashioning delicate works of art from glass.

Stars: Mike Leyland, Mal Leyland


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