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Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 35

Ask The Leyland Brothers - Episode 35

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Documentary 25 minutes ~ Color

Mike and Mal Leyland, also known as The Leyland Brothers, were Australian explorers and documentary film-makers, best known for their popular television show, Ask the Leyland Brothers. The show ran on Australian television from 1976 until 1984.


One of Australia’s least known birds, the Mallee Fowl, is filmed by the Leyland Brothers in South Australia as it tends the huge mount of decomposing vegetation which controls the incubation of its eggs. On the 90 Mile Beach of the North Island of New Zealand Mike Leyland travels by four wheel drive from Cape Rianga along the fascination coastline in answer to many requests to show this picturesque part of New Zealand. At Tumut in NSW, huge plantations of pine tree controlled by the Forestry Department and the Leylands show us how these trees are put to use in the manufacture of particle board.

Stars: Mike Leyland, Mal Leyland


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